John Calhoun Grading in Arverne, New York - Evil *** Tenant - Don't ever rent your house to her

Arverne, New York

This tenant will make your house a living ***. She's in the Section 8 program but doesn't pay the other half of the rent.

She's also a lazy *** person. When she leaves the house she slams the door so hard that I wake up from a peaceful sleep and then I wonder what the *** is she smoking. crack,***,pcp *** any drug i can think of. I confronted her that she has not paid and she refuses to pay making me start an eviction case.

She also has people not mentioned on the lease that are upstairs. WTF . One of the people living upstairs threw garbage on the ground and I confronted him and he punched me so hard that I rolled down the stairs outside. In my mind I thought"THATS IT ***,YOU CROSSED THE LINE" which made my husband call the police and me going to the emergency room.

You can't hit a woman in th US.

The good thing is that in the eviction case, I'm charging him with assault and the tenant will have to leave. As a word of advice, Any one who knows Marilyn Davender and she is your tenant kick her *** out immediately

John Calhoun Grading in San Francisco, California - John Calhoun construction grading San Jose, CA does not keep his word or pay his Debts.

Not resolved

On October 14th 2009, John Calhoun grading was obligated to pay Nove Engineeing 4,300 dollars upon completion of contract, and did not pay. John Calhoun also made several promises during the course of contract time and did not keep his word.

Anyone who does business with John Calhoun should demand third party escrow or have Calhoun post a bond for performance of his work and should not believe a word he says.

John Calhoun needs to be reprimanded. Calhoun brags that he has six million dollars but anyone with six million who can not pay a measley 4300 dollars must be lying.

Monetary Loss: $4300.

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